Jan Pěruška, a life changed by music

Music has become a part of the story in the human lives since 19th century. Their tones and beats linger inside of us. We recall the melody perfectly, but what we remember isn’t what they meant to the person who wrote them. It’s based on the listener personality and characteristic. This makes music interesting. People indirectly and unconsciously interject their personal narrative and opinion into the music they listen, and it feels as though they mirror our own memories and emotions. Here is a talented young artist which music has influenced his life in a very dramatic way.

Jan Pěruška is a citizen of Czech Republic. He is currently working as a sports journalists and plays the violin often as a hobby. His father is a violist and mother is a cellist. His two brothers plays musical instruments too. He met his girlfriend at a concert where he played solo violin and she played as an accompanistand. The life of young journalist Jan Peruska is completely changed by music.

Jan Pěruška started playing the violin since he was 5 years old. He learned the violin together with his younger brother learning the cello which is a year younger than him. Jan mentioned that his brother plans to go professional as a cellist. Since small, Jan has been playing the violin for his whole life. After school, he will come back home to practice for 2 hours a day. Even though he didn’t like it that much when he was small because most of his time were spent on practicing rather than doing something else which seems more fun to a small child. Despite that, his mother encouraged him a lot and he never stopped practicing the violin. Currently, Jan was happy that he practiced since he was small and found playing the violin is useful in his life because he can play music for some people or some concerts. He was also glad that under his mother’s supervision, it has shaped his brother into a successful cellist.

Jan Pěruška mentioned that before he starts practicing any pieces in violin he always starts with the scales as a warm up. Then continue by playing the piece that he really likes to build up a positive feeling which is J.S. Bach Piano concerto in D minor. Then only to the specific piece that will be learning. Jan Pěruška loves classic music the most and also Eugène Ysaÿe which has composed his favourite pieces such as 6 sonata of solo violin and ballade 3rd sonata in D minor. He mentioned that his goal this year is to play Bach Chaconne, from Partita No.2 in D minor.

Jan Pěruška is currently working at Czech TV as a sports journalist. Why does someone who loves violin works as a sports journalist? Since small, Jan also loves to play the football. He played together with his group of friends all the time after practicing the violin. This is why he has decided to work as a sports journalist. Working as a sports journalist have enough free time to practice violin. However working as a professional violinist might be harder and more time consuming in life. Of course violin comes first and football comes second. He loves football and violin at the same time. So he thought of being a journalist which is more flexible in life.

Outisde Česká Televize, where Jan works as a sports reporter.

Through the experiences of a life of a violinist, he found out that music has thought him a lot of lessons indirectly. Throughout learning the violin, he is able to get used to uncomfortable situation. For example, during school exam periods, he will not feel pressured or feel uncomfortable as he is always used to the pressure when he needs to perform as a violinist. Other than that, he also learned how to accept critics. At his university of journalism, the teacher always criticize on their articles on how to improve or write a better one. He also related this situation to his violin lessons. During his violin lessons, he mentioned that 90% of the time were criticism from the teacher. Therefore, he is already used to this kind of situation.

Jan Pěruška believed that music has influenced his life strong. Music has taught him in becoming a better person. Through music he found his love. Through music the bond of the family is strong. Finally, through music he enjoyed his life.

Jan, eyes closed once again, feeling the music.
Jan, performing in a quartet. “Music has helped me through difficult times in my life and taught me how to be one step ahead of others.”
Image sourced from Jan Peřuška.

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