The Lobkowicz Family: a special patron of the classical music

The House of Lobkowicz is located in the center of Old Town Prague under the address “Jirska 3, 119 00 Praha 1-Hradcany”, a mysterious place full of history and family memories. Rosaline Chen, a student from Vienna, said: “it was truly an amazing experience and I am very touched by Lobkowicz Family’s dedication to sharing this part of their family history to the public and even the rest of the world”. The building opens 7 days a week, 10am to 6pm, equips with audio guides available in 9 different languages.

People can enjoy the magical trip after a simple purchase of a ticket. The building dates back from the second half of the 16th century, carpeted with wooden floor and filled with sunny gold wall. Visitors will start from the top floor and go all the way down and at the top floor, visitors will learn about the important figures from the Lobkowicz Family and look at different portraits from the family. Lobkowicz Family is a Czech noble family in Prague that had had a huge contribution to the development of classical music that we have today. The family has “the oldest and largest privately-owned art collection in the Czech Republic”(, as well as playing a significant role in shaping what we nowadays knew as classical music.

“Even Beethoven dedicated his three major symphonies to the Lobkowicz Family, alone with that, is a sign that this family is tightly connected to history of classical music.” said Miras I., an Architecture student from Vienna, “I never imagined that any royal family from the Czech Republic would have such deep connection with the classical music.” The House of Lobkowicz left a great impression on Miras “Music was a big theme in the museum, even one of the family members from Lobkowicz was a very accomplished musician.” This very accomplished musician is the 7th Prince of Lobkowicz, Josef Frantisek Maxmilian. He was the son of Ferdinand Philipp Joseph and Maria Gabriella di Savoia-Carignano, a talented baritone singer, violinist and is particularly known as the patron of Ludwig van Beethoven ( Thanks to him, the family owns the original scores of the Symphonies No.3, 5, 6 that had been used by Beethoven on the premiere concerts and they are stored and exhibited right in this building. Miras was amazed by the collection that this Czech family holds “it was amazing to know that so many items collected over the span of few centuries belong to one royal family”. Other than the huge musical instrument and score collections that the family owns, Miras was also very impressed by the architecture of the building “you can see a panorama view of Prague from the balcony of this house. It was great for me that I can enjoy such a view without a big chunk of tourists. This place is great for taking pictures, going on a date, or even just to enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon with sunset and a lovely view of the city. I highly recommend everyone to visit this place, it was a lovely experience for me and my girlfriend.”

Other than the symphonies, Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 18, String Quartet Op. 74, the Triple Concerto, and the song cycle “An die ferne Geliebte” are all dedicated to the 7th Prince Lobkowicz. The Family Lobkowicz supported Beethoven and his music unconditionally, started by the 7th Prince and continued by his son until the composer past away in 1770. Without the support of Prince Josef Frantisek Maxmilian, it would be very difficult for Beethoven to compose music out of his free will. Christina Zyramis, an American-Greek world traveler said: “I had no idea that the Family Lobkowicz had made such a huge contribution in the history of classical music”. After the family’s return to Czechoslovakia after the 1989 Velvet Revolution, the Lobkowicz Family has taken on the responsibility of “restoring the family’s cultural heritage” and supporting education programs; for example, they have established The Lobkowicz Library & Study Center and Dvorak House & Music Academy ( Currently “the Lobkowicz Family is fully engaged in a major event that will take place at the end of this month,” said the Director of Business Development of the House of Lobkowicz “they are super busy with all the projects that have been going on.”

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