How to create a post

In left column go to “Post”—“Add new”

Write Headline and the text of your article.

To insert a youtube video copy/paste video link into the body text. If the video is the main message of your post, insert it before text.


To create a gallery go to “Add Media” — “Create Gallery”  and upload your pics. Important: mind the size of the uploaded photos. The longer frame cannot be more than 1200px wide with the resolution 72. Do not forget to add detailed and complete captions. Set the Gallery settings (righthand menu) exactly as in the print screens below:

  1. always link to “Media file”
  2. set 3 columns
  3. never use random order/ you can order your picture by dragging them where you want
  4. always use thumbnail for size
  5. choose a type (thumbnail grid, tiled mosaic or tiled columns)


Save draft of your post in the righthand menu

Set the categories in the righthand menu:

  1. if you want your post to view in the homepage slider, use category “Top articles”
  2.  if you want your post to view the highlighted post next to the slider, use category “Highlight”
  3. Never use both categories “Top articles” and “Highlight” for single article
  4. Now you have to add your theme category
  5. If the video is the main massage of your post add also “Latest video” category


Create tags for your article in the righthand menu:

Set Featured Image. It has to be 800px * 445px /72 resolution (righthand menu)

If you do not want the Featured Image to appear in your post, you can hide it (righthand menu). Always hide featured image if the video is the main message of your post. Below you can see a difference:

Not hidden featured image:

Hidden featured image:

Set the author of the post (below the editor). Author is the name of your group (e.g. History and Culture):

You can preview your article and the photo gallery (righthand menu):

You can publish or schedule your article (righthand menu):

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