Doors4Disabilities Podcast: Reflecting on Week 1

Welcome readers and listeners,

The Doors4Disabilities official podcast is now up on SoundCloud for your perusal! In this episode, you are joined by our team – Maureen Heydt, William Hosie, Vedika Bahl, Roosa Maskonen, and Julia Unterweger – and you’ll hear all about our activities and learning curve this week at Charles University Journalism Summer School.

In this episode, we expand on our hypothesis about the difficult disability access in Prague, and what drove us to choose this topic. Additionally, we discuss our interviewees and give examples of inaccessibilities, great and small, comparing our analyses with the government report and its projects for improvement until 2020. And lastly, our big plans for the upcoming second week of the course and how we plan to continue this project.

Tune in NOW using our SoundCloud link here:




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