Vietnamese Community in Czech Republic Celebrates National Day with Free Language Courses

The loss of cultural traditions is common amongst newer generations of immigrants. In attempts to minimize these losses, the Vietnamese Center at the SAPA Trade Center in Prague held free language courses for all the children of the Vietnamese community in Czech Republic.

The course aims not only to teach the newer generations of Vietnamese children living in the Czech Republic their native language, but also to provide cultural knowledge to the children and keep them in touch with the values and traditions that the older Vietnamese generations hold so dearly.

The language course was offered as part of a celebration of the 74th anniversary of the National Day of Vietnam. The course will be held for one year and it takes place as a Sunday school, the course offers a variety of levels according to the child’s fluency.

Language is an essential part of staying in touch with your roots and the older Vietnamese generations are hoping to ensure the preservation of traditional Vietnamese values and traditions.

The first generation of Vietnamese immigrants began to arrive to the Czech Republic during the communist period, they have since then settled and created communities all over the country. The community in Prague has created their own SAPA Trade Center, as a cultural center for their community. However, it also attracts Czechs and tourists interested in Vietnamese culture.

The SAPA Trade Center offers a variety of authentic Vietnamese goods and services, it comes as no surprise that this language course would be held there as well. The center brings the entire community together.


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