While walking in Prague streets ,you will definitely hear different types of music from different resources. From artists playing classical pieces on streets to national theaters , live performances , music festivals  and karaoke and musical clubs. Not to add the free public musical instruments such as piano which can be found in Prague in public places such as main metro station (Hlavni Nadrazi ) and Prague airport to allow passengers to play music for free while waiting for their flight or train .Prague has always been a rich musical city in the heart of central Europe which musicians and music lovers can fulfill their love and passion towards music.

Young musicians coming from different European countries to start their careers in Prague  

Prague has been a dream land to many rising musicians who wish to start a new career in music .There are two centers in Prague: the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague(HAMU) and Prague Conservatories, which can help musicians to continue their musical education and peruse a professional career.

There are two conservatories in Prague . The first one is the Prague conservatory which was founded in  1808 to provide education to orchestral musicians. The Prague Conservatory ranks among the oldest music schools in Europe. The second one is Jaroslav Ježek conservatory which provide teachings in classical music along with modern genres like jazz and pop .Both Conservatories provide education for free in Czech language. For students who would like to peruse a higher education in music or study bachelorette , they can register in The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague which provide different types of Bachelorettes in music filed in English and Czech .The Academy of Performing Art provides masters degrees in both languages as well.

There are many musicians who came to Prague from different countries in Europe to study music and start a professional career .One of those musicians is Alena Veretina . Alena came from Ukraine to Prague to peruse her dream in music. Alena graduated from Prague Conservatory and She specializes in jazz, pop and classical music. Alena now is a singer , pianist and a member of several assembles oriented on jazz and classical music .In addition to performing , Alena teaches piano in different languages including Czech and English to different ages. “Prague has always inspired me to sing and play music “ she says . “Prague is a very lively multinational city , it can inspire you to sing , dance and be alive, there is always a demand for music in Prague ,People here strive to hear music all the time at different occasions , they go to  national theaters , live performances , music festivals , no wonder if you hear music in Prague all the time “ . About the music education in Prague Alena says “ It is very good , you can have the chance to learn high standards education for free in the central Europe and I definitely recommend it “

 Music in Czech Republic between the history and present:

Czech has a rich history in music .Different parts of Czech has different traditional music. Through the years, Czech composers were influenced by traditional music from their cities .The traditional music of Bohemia and Moravia has been well documented and influenced the work of classical composers like Leoš Janáček, Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, and Bohuslav Martinů.


Nowadays , there are many Musical festival for different types of music takes place each year in Czech. For Metal/hard rock lovers there are many yearly festivals like ; Let It Roll Festival and metal storm .There are a lot of techno , house, drum & bass events in Czech Republic. One of those events is the KOMIKS which is a series of techno music events which take place in different locations in Czech. Techno festivals which take place in Czech are: Magnetic festival and Citadela Paul Van Dyk.

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