Interview: with Martin Hoffmann: “Now I can say, being a sport TV reporter is my dreamjob” (Part 1)

Communication skills, logical thinking, creativity, working with different platforms and having a very good verbal expression – the list of required skills of journalists today seems sheer endless. Martin Hoffmann, a 29-year old sport reporter for Czech TV has not regretted stepping in his grandfather’s and fathers foot steps to become a journalist. His most favourite part of his job at the public broadcasting service: being able travel to different countries to report live about his preferred topic: sports.

We visited him at his office at Czech TV to talk with him about what being a tv reporter for the public broadcasting service is all about:

#reporting: When or how did you know that you would like to become a sport reporter?

Martin Hoffmann: Actually, I don’t really remember any particular time or moment where it became clear to me that I want to be a sport reporter in the future. It just happened like that, because I have always loved sports and I have always played all kind of sports. Being a journalist, especially a TV reporter, has also always been in my family. My grandfather has been a cameraman and my father is a producer. So I grew up in a journalistic environment. Therefore, I think it was a little bit easier for me to get here at [Czech TV], because my father is still working here. At first I was doing some small jobs to earn some money beside school and when I graduated, I kind of ended up here. [laughs]

#reporting: Since it runs in your family, has “doing something with media” always been your dream job?

Martin Hoffmann: I wouldn’t say it has been my dream job in the past, but now I can say it is. Being a sport reporter for Czech TV is my dream job. I get to travel a lot and I can also do the things I love. So, I would say, it is perfect for me.

#reporting: That sounds really interesting! What is your most favourite part of being a sport reporter?

Martin Hoffmann: Well, I would say the thing I love most about my job is travelling. That is because I get to travel a lot, for example with international basketball teams. This is the most satisfying part of my job for me.

#reporting: Where did you recently travel to?

Martin Hoffmann: Actually, I recently visited the US and travelled across Europe to report about a paragliding competition across the Alps.

#reporting: Do you have any tips for future-to-be journalists, who would like to become a TV reporter?

Martin Hoffmann: If someone really wants to do it, just follow your dream! Go for it and it will happen. It is not like a closed job and it is not that hard to get here and become a TV reporter. Just gather some practical experience and if you are good enough, then you will get the chance to make reporting your job.

This article is separated in two parts. To read part 2 of the interview, click here.

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